My Story

Xavier Home was created through having a passion for beautiful things. Being creative was always something I thrived in, so the mixture of the two led to making scented candles that can transform any room.


Leaving school and my job in retail at 18 years old, my time became plentiful and so allowed me to reflect and analyse what I wanted to do on the career front. Thinking long and hard about what route to go down, my mind always reverted back to working from home. Although this idea seemed charming I knew it would not be easy.


Having many arbitrary ideas, there was nothing that I felt passionately enough about to ultimately spend much of my time and money focusing on. On the brink of giving up and nearly signing my social life away to any company that would employ me, I had a vision.


Interior design has been something I have always been interested in so creating home accessories was a perfect match. Since a young boy I have always been intrigued by fragrances and beautiful smells which became an obsession. I would light every single candle in the house to ensure a lovely ambiance. 

I researched endlessly on how to make the perfect candle with the perfect ingredients to produce the perfect product. After a few years of experimenting in my parent’s kitchen I found an elegant candle which I now swear by.

Xavier Home was created. And now after selling completely out on the first day of production I wanted an easy way to share my love for high quality, hand poured candles with you. I hope you love them as much as I do.